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About Us

X-ITING Fireworks has been an established and respected stockist of several major brands of fireworks since 1999. 

With its extensive knowledge of the firework industry, coupled with it’s commitment to providing the customer with the best services and products available, X-ITING Fireworks is supplying fireworks throughout the year, direct to its customers from the store and via an online service. . Whether you are catering for a bonfire night, birthday parties, weddings, engagements, Diwali, the New Year or any other occasions you have in mind, X-ITING Fireworks will help you find the best fireworks to suit your needs. TNT, Black Cat, Standard Fireworks Absolute Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics and our newest brand Emperor Fireworks are six of the world's leading brands that X-ITING Fireworks is offering its customers in store and online.  We are now one of the leading stockist of smoke grenades and are shipping nationally!

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