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Embrace the spirit of adventure with Maverick from Exciting Fireworks. This audacious display bursts into life with a trail of green tail evolving into a dance of purple-orange dahlias and silver plums, setting the stage for a series of heart-pounding effects. Golden spiders adorned with blue stars, titanium-golden coco halos, and flower crowns sprinkled with shimmering stars fill the sky. The display crescendos with a kaleidoscope of chrysanthemums, strobes, plums, and swirling stars, culminating in a grand finale of majestic brocade crowns, radiant red spiders, and a sea of blue stars intermingled with red and green fish. Maverick is not just a firework; it is a bold and exhilarating journey that will etch an indelible mark on your celebration.


  • Shots 134
    Duration 57secs
    Noise 5/5
    Safety Distance 25m
    Classification 1.3G
    Firing Style  Mixed
    Tube size: 25/30mm

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