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Dive into the dark with Black Out from Exciting Fireworks. This mysterious display opens with a golden mine transforming into gold spinners and red dahlias, followed by a series of mystifying effects: red mines evolving into titanium-willow with red strobe willows, purple mines transitioning into gold tails with gold willows and purple dahlias, and green dahlia mines blossoming into flower crowns with green dahlias. The display culminates in a series of brocade mines bursting into brocades with dahlias in shades of purple, blue, and green, followed by silver star mines transforming into silver cocos with a kaleidoscope of dahlias. Black Out is a firework that embraces the night, creating a display of enigmatic beauty that will leave a lasting impression.


£235.00 Regular Price
£199.00Sale Price
  • Shots 60
    Duration 40secs
    Noise 5/5
    Safety Distance 25m
    Classification 1.3G
    Firing Style  Fanned 
    Tube size: 30mm

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