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Experience the epitome of elegance with Bellagio from Exciting Fireworks. This sophisticated display features a series of luxurious effects: gold spinners transforming into horse tails and purple-blue with gold strobes, red mines evolving into brocade tails with red willows, blue stars, and gold strobes, and green mines transitioning into brocade crowns with purple and green. The spectacle continues with red crosettes, gold strobe willows, and silver strobes, culminating in a grand finale of blue mines, brocade tails, strobe willows, and gold spinners transforming into brocade crowns with plums in shades of purple, yellow, blue, and red. Bellagio is the epitome of refinement and elegance, ensuring a night of luxurious beauty and lasting memories. 


£380.00 Regular Price
£300.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Shots 60
    Duration 40secs
    Noise 5/5
    Safety Distance 25m
    Classification 1.3G
    Firing Style  Fanned 
    Tube size: 30mm

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