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No Limits

A 120 Shot Compound Barrage that seems to go on and on. If its big proffesional style burst you are looking for... then look no further! 

Part 1: Red Comets Exploding into Bright Orange Dahlia set against Vivid Green Strobes, Green Comets Bursting into Green Wave with Lilac Peonies, Deep Blue Comets Spreading into Golden Rain with Blue Pearls, Bright Silver Flashing Timed Rain Willow with Deep Red Dahlias.

Part 2: Red Comets Producing Very Wide Bursts of Silver Strobes with Red Wave, Green Comets Exploding into Stunning Red Willows with Crackling, Red Comets Breaking into Golden Brocade Crown with Blue Pearls, Green Comets Bursting into Green Dahlias with a Crackling Willow.

Part 3: 5 Shots Fired at a time of Lush Red Comets Exploding into Crackling Chrysanthemums with Red Dahlias, Emerald Comets Producing Wide Bursts of Purple & Green Dahlias with Bright White Strobes, Blue Comets Spreading into King Brocades with Crackling, Silver Comets Bursting into Flashing Timed Rain Willow with Green Dahlia.

No Limits


    Shots 120
    Duration 1m: 44Secs
    Noise 5/5
    Safety Distance  25m
    Classification 1.3G
    Tube Size               30mm.         

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