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Funky Monkey

The Wild Barrage that will make you go Bananas! 100 Loopy Shots of Silver Spinners Blasting into Red & Green Peonies, Red & Silver Wave Comets Bursting into Red & Silver Coconuts, Gold Mines Ejecting Banana Yellow Comets into Banana Yellow Peonies, Gold Mines leading to Blue Pearled Brocade Crowns, Dizzy Spinning Comets Bursting into Red & Green Peonies, Crazy Spinning Whistling Comets Bursting in Red, Green & Blue Peonies with Crackle and a Finale of Crackling Mines Ejecting Whistling Comets Exploding into Crackling Brocades.

Funky Monkey


    Shots 100
    Duration 40 Secs
    Noise 5/5
    Safety Distance  25m
    Classification 1.3G

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